Following on from our announcement during the 2nd lockdown last year, we now know we will not be re-opening before 17th May 2021.

Since March last year, our Chaplain, Canon Graham Bettridge, has shared his thoughtfulness and wisdom in a weekly Thought for the Day, which is posted on our Facebook page, usually on Tuesdays. His weekly writings are enjoyed and keenly anticipated.

Whilst the further delay in our re-opening is disappointing, the future is looking brighter, and the hoped-for return to ‘normality’ is likely to become a reality before the end of this year.

One way and another, we have managed to keep afloat, thanks to government grants and the generous support of all of you. Our bank account has been like the loaves and fishes, miraculously never quite running out. We are thankful, and hopeful we will open Parcevall’s doors and welcome you back very soon.